8,300,000 inhabitants
surface area: 6,600 km2

Capital of Jiangsu Province & second largest city in East China.

Climate: Very hot and muggy summers, cold and damp winters


Which pressures?

Air Quality  



Environmental pressures targeted by SMURBS

 Air Quality: Similar to other Chinese cities, the sources of air pollution in Nanjing are very complex, including various local primary pollutant emissions (traffic, industry, domestic combustion, and power production) and long-range transport from other regions.



The implementation of smart urban solutions

 Air Quality: To address air quality (AQ) pressures in Nanjing, SMURBS has developed an approach including comprehensive AQ measurements, modeling, and providing relevant AQ indicators. A hierarchal AQ observation system has been set up, including a supersite as well as mid-cost sensors, which is managed with the fusion model FMI-ENFUSER. The model then gives out pollutant concentrations and an air quality index for the current day, from midnight to midnight.



Partners involved in the design and implementation of the solutions

Stakeholders involved: 

Nanjing University

FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute)

Kunshan and ClimBlue