Project Kick-off meeting, October, 9-11, 2017, Rome, Italy

  • Gerasopoulos E., Concept and vision View pdf
  • Athanasopoulou E., Workplan and timeline View pdf
  • Karl. M., User requirements and gap analysis View pdf
  • Baltenspenger U., Air quality View pdf
  • Kontoes H., Disasters View pdf
  • Raudner A., Urban growth View pdf
  • Blonda P., Migration View pdf
  • Klanova J., Health View pdf
  • Kocman D., Smart-city pilots and case studies View pdf
  • Speyer O., Expected outcome View pdf
  • Gerasopoulos E., Wrap-up and take-home View pdf

Workshop on user needs, March, 27-28, 2018, Hamburg, Germany

  • Welcome and introduction to Helmholtz‐Zentrum Geesthacht (Volker Matthias, HZG)
  • SMURBS overview (Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA) View pdf
  • Overview of SMURBS themes: Air Quality (Jay Slowik, PSI) View pdf
  • Overview of SMURBS themes: Urban growth (Palma Blonda, CNR)
  • Overview of SMURBS themes: Disasters (Haris Kontoes, NOA) View pdf
  • Introduction to the workshop, methods (Markus Quante, HZG) View pdf
  • Keynote Talk: “Urban health from a medical perspective: Data – Needs – Gaps” (Prof. Dr. Matthias Augustin, University Medical Center Hamburg‐Eppendorf) View pdf
  • Summary of World cafe discussions
  • Summary of Fish Bowl discussion

Annual meeting PM1, October, 09-10, 2018, Athens, Greece

Day#1 – Morning session

  • Welcome – Scope (Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA, Greece) View pdf
  • Progress – Current status (Eleni Athanasopoulou, NOA) View pdf
  • Solutions/City dossiers – Next steps (Orestis Speyer, NOA – David Kocman, JSI, Slovenia) View pdf
  • Communication – Dissemination (Georgia Diakogianni, NOA) View pdf
  • Geospatial analyses for Smart Cities (Inv. Speaker: Hande Demirel, ITU, Turkey) View pdf
  • DRAXIS – Who we are & Successful projects (Inv. Speaker: Evangelos, Kosmidis, DRAXIS, Greece) View pdf

Day#1 – Afternoon session

  • Air Quality: Discussion on precursors of solutions (Jay Slowik, PSI, Switzerland) View pdf
  1. Integrated AQ monitoring network (NOA, Greece)
  2. AQ in situ platform (NCSR, Greece)
  3. Environ. factors and mortality (AoA-NKUA, Greece)
  4. DISCOVAIR(NOA, Greece)
  5. AIRQ+ (MU, Czech Republic)
  6. City-CHEM (HZG, Germany)
  7. Capital of clean air (UHEL, Finland)
  8. CITYAIR (JSI, Slovenia)
  9. BC backpacks (TROPOS, Germany)
  10. LoV – IoT (IVL, Sweden)
  11. AETHER (UPATRAS, Greece)
  12. Realtime source apportionment (PSI, Switzerland)
  14. Sentinel 5P and in situ observations (SRI, Ukraine)
  • Disasters: Discussion on precursors of solutions (Alexia Tsouni, NOA)
  1. FORCIP+ (AUTH, Greece)
  2. 2D / 3D mapping (AUTH, Greece)
  3. Disaster service (SRI, Ukraine)
  4. Floodhub +crowd sourcing (NOA, Greece)
  5. Land deformation (ROSA, Romania)
  • Urban growth: Discussion on precursors of solutions (Andrii Shelestov, SRI, Ukraine) View pdf
  1. EXTREMA (NOA, Greece)
  2. GHLS validation & Urban Atlas (SRI, Ukraine)
  3. Resilience indicators (CNR, Italy)
  4. Urban land cover (ISPRA, Italy)
  5. Urban growth metrics (ISPRA, Italy)
  6. New built-up areas with VHR (ISPRA, Italy)


  • Finalization of city dossiers – match up with solutions (David Kocman, JSI)
  • Horizontal issues (Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA)
  1. Data Management Plan – current status and next steps (Lluis Pesquer, CREAF, Spain) View pdf

Mid-term meeting MTR, June, 3-4, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

Day#1 – Morning session

  • Welcome – Introduction (Nataliia Kussul, SRI, Ukraine)
  • MTR Scope (Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA, Greece) View pdf
  • Progress – Current status (Eleni Athanasopoulou, NOA, Greece) View pdf
  • Implementation matrix (David Kocman, JSI, Slovenia) View pdf
  1. FORCIP+ and 2D / 3D mapping (AUTH, Greece)
  2. Automatic LU/LC classification (CNR, Italy)
  3. Disaster service (SRI, Ukraine)
  4. Intra-urban AQ forecast (HZG, Germany)
  5. Urban growth metrics (ISRPA, Italy)
  6. Air pollution source apportionment online tools (NCSR, Greece)
  7. AQ city network and Industrial accident plume predictions (NOA, Greece)
  8. Near real-time air pollution source apportionment (PSI, Switzerland)
  9. Land deformation (ROSA, Romania)
  10. Air quality system for Kyiv (SRI, Ukraine)
  11. Peat fires detection service (SRI, Ukraine)
  12. AQ observation, visualization and forecast system (UHEL, Finland)
  13. Floodhub+ (NOA, Greece)

Day#1 – Afternoon session

  • SDG groups update and partner engagement (Evangelos Gerasopoulos, NOA, Greece and Andrii Shelestov, SRI, Ukraine)
  1. SDG11.6.2 (NOA, Greece)
  2. SDG11.3.1 (SRI, Ukraine)
  • Health and Migration case studies (Libor Sulc, MU, Czech R. and Palma Blonda, CNR, Italy)
  1. Migration case study for Bari (CNR, Italy)
  2. Migration case study for Lesvos (NOA, Greece)
  3. Disaster service (SRI, Ukraine)
  4. AQ-Health assessment for Brno (MU, Czech Republic)
  5. AQ-Health assessment for Athens (AoA and NKUA, Greece)
  6. Urban AQ-Health risk assessment for Stockholm (SU, Sweden)


  • SMURBS for Essential Urban Variables (Petros Patias, AUTH, Greece) View pdf
  • Planning for critical deliverables (Eleni Athanasopoulou, NOA, Greece) View pdf
  1. Data Management Plan – current status and next steps (Lluis Pesquer, CREAF, Spain) View pdf
  2. Innovative Observational platforms – current status and next steps (Jenny Linden, IVL, Sweden) View pdf
  3. Modeling platforms – current status and next steps (Matthias Karl, HZG, Germany) View pdf
  4. In situ platforms- current status and next steps (Pauli  Paasonen, Uhel, Finland) View pdf
  • Dissemination, Communication, Networking (Kyriakos Romios, NOA, Greece) View pdf

Annual meeting PM3, November, 10-11, 2020, Online.

Day#1 – Morning Session

  • Athanasopoulou E., Progress and current status of SMURBS (View pdf)
  • Tsouni A., Highlight No#1 (FLOODHub+ trains stakeholders) (View pdf)
  • Folino A., Semantics: scope and progress (View pdf)

Day#1 – Afternoon Session

  • Athanasopoulou E., Planning for critical deliverables (View pdf):
  1. Libor S., D5.3 (View pdf)
  2. Blonda P., D5.4 (View pdf)
  3. Raudner A., D5.2 (View pdf)
  4. Pesquer L., D6.5 (View pdf)
  5. Eleftheriadis C., D5.5
  • Pesquer L., Datasets and XML generation: towards GEOSS portal (View pdf)
  • Nastos P., Highlight No#2 (New biometeo indicators web-platform)

Day#2 – Morning Session

  • Johansson C., Portfolio of SMart URBan Solutions (View pdf)
  • Ramacher M., Highlight No#3 (Dynamic Population Exposure) (View pdf)

Day#2 – Afternoon Session

  • Aquilino M., Highlight No#4 (The migration use case) (View pdf)
  • Speyer O., EO4EUVs and the SDG frame (View pdf)
  • Romios K., Todo for outreach (View pdf)