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SDG 11.6.2 EO Platform: 

The SMURBS SDG Indicator 11.6.2 Earth Observation Platform


  • Support for the SDG Framework at national & city level (average annual concentrations of fine particulate matter in cities, population-weighted)
  • Intuitive access to EO-derived AQ information for national & city stakeholders
  • Inter-city and international comparisons of SDG Indicator 11.6.2’s trends
  • Identification of hotspots necessitating targeted mitigation measures
  • Demonstration of the Indicator’s sensitivity to the city definition


Makes use of: Copernicus


Smart features:

  • Web dissemination, Geoserver implementation for fast response time
  • Easy to grasp data, intuitive production of visualizations and comparisons
  • Geographical and temporal scalability, modular design, ingestible new concentrations fields, other city definitions

Long-term sustainability ensured via the Copernicus Programme

Read more: Platform can be accessed at http://apcg.meteo.noa.gr/sdg1162/ &

additional information with detailed comparisons can be found here


Contact Information: Evangelos Gerasopoulos ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Provides information for 37 European countries (EU-28 and adjacent), including approximately 800 cities (functional urban areas or urban centres)


Involved Partner(s): NOA (GR)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  Copernicus  Models  Satellites
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