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LMS-AQ: The integrated network

of  Low-Mid-Supersite nodes for AQ monitoring



–       Near real-time monitoring of urban air quality (AQ), using Low- and Mid-cost AQ monitoring systems and reference-grade instruments at a Supersite

–        Urban AQ network densification/gap-filling

–        Spatially representative outdoor exposure assessment

–        Seamless AQ information to the public through web/smartphone IT

–        Streamlined information to AQ stakeholders, to support decision-making


Makes use of: In-situ monitoring, smart sensors.


Smart features:

–        AQ data collection with high temporal and spatial resolution using latest sensor technology

–        Exploitation of IoT to reduce entry and running costs of spatially dense monitoring

–        Automated calibration and cross-validation using reference instruments

–        Data processing and integration providing tailor-made AQ indices

–        Dissemination through web portal and smartphone app

–        Geospatial visualization exploiting GIS capacities


Read more: http://apcg.meteo.noa.gr/index.php/infrastructure/innovative-sensors


Contact Information: Evangelos Gerasopoulos ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Athens (Greece)


Involved Partner(s): NOA (GR)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  In Situ  IoT
Theme: theme-icon Air Quality