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LCD4SDG11.3.1: SDG 11.3.1 via an alternative Land Consumption Definition


  • Support of the SDG Framework at national and city level
  • Support of city authorities’ understanding of urban growth dynamics
  • Policy support to city decision-makers, as it projects demand for public goods and service, identify new areas of growth, and proactively influence sustainable urban development (UN Habitat, 2018)
  • Facilitates Inter-city and international comparisons of progress towards the SDG Target
  • Illustrates the Indicator’s sensitivity to a city definition


The above example for BOLOGNA, one of the 5 pilot cities, shows the difference between the Corine Land Cover classification at first level and the soil consumption map based on definitions used by ISPRA_SNPA


Makes use of: land consumption data produced by ISPRA

Smart features:

  • Dissemination through web
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Potentially scalable on different levels (geographically and resolution-wise)


Read more: https://smurbs.eu/deliverables/


Contact Information: Astrid Raudner ([email protected]), Michele Munafo ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Trieste, Venezia, Bologna, Napoli, Monopoli (Italy)


Involved Partner(s): ISPRA (IT)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  Satellites
Theme: theme-icon Urban Growth