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Kyiv Air Quality Service



  • Monitoring of urban PM2.5, PM10 pollution and AQ indices
  • Provision of streamlined information aimed to support decision making regarding AQ


Makes use of: In-situ, mobile smart sensors, atmospheric models (CAMS), satellites, urban atlas


Smart features:

  • Integration of fragmented EO based information obtained from CAMS service, Sentinel-5p and MODIS and provision of tailored indices
  • Utilization and fusion of AQ data from modern satellites
  • Usage of intelligent data fusion methods and methods of data scalability as well as data visualization technologies
  • Integration of urban atlas layer in the data fusion model provides the possibility to obtain high spatial resolution AQ indices maps in the vector format


Read more: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/333994672_Essential_variables_for_air_quality_estimation


Contact Information: Nataliia Kussul ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Kyiv (Ukraine)


Involved Partner(s): SRI (UA)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  Copernicus  COs  In Situ  Satellites
Theme: theme-icon Air Quality