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   ILiAD: Industrial Accident Dispersion



–        Forecast of plume dispersion and impact on local AQ, during industrial accidents (urban & peri-urban).


–        Daily Risk Assessment scenarios for preselected locations of interest.


–        Ad hoc post assessment of environmental impact with respect to air pollution






ILiAD example of dispersion and hodograph for the LPG facilities in Ljubljana

Makes use of: Models, in situ


Smart features:

  • Real time support in decision making during events
  • Smart dissemination through web (BEYOND portal)
  • Tailored indices utilizing state-of-the-art numerical models


Read more: https://smurbs.eu/deliverables/


Contact Information:  Stavros Solomos ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Athens (Greece), Ljubljana (Slovenia)*

*in collaboration with


Involved Partner(s): NOA (GR)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  In Situ  Models
Theme: theme-icon Disasters