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     FloodHUB: Flood monitoring service  



–        Urban and peri-urban NRT flood monitoring using multi-source EO, in-situ and crowdsourced data (via the dedicated FloodHub platform)

–        Flood scenarios in alignment with the relevant EU Floods Directive

–        Support decision making of local/regional authorities, ministries, and agencies such as civil protection authorities, NGOs, insurance agencies etc.

–        Flood risk management plan

Makes use of: In-situ monitoring, crowdsourced data

via the dedicated Floodhub platform, Sentinel-1 & 2 satellites (https://sentinels.space.noa.gr/) or other VHR satellite data

and tailor-made hydrological and hydraulic models (HEC).


Smart features:

–        Automatic assimilation of flood modeling in Real Time integrating multi-source EO, in-situ and crowd data

–        Continuous validation and optimization of results

–        On line free and open access to all the available flood products: NRT flood map, flood scenarios (historical data), post-disaster analysis maps

–        Near Real Time information during the disaster delivering a continuous awareness picture contributing to flood monitoring and management

–        User friendly web and mobile application

–        Computational efficiency, flexibility, scalability, transferability


Read more: https://floodhub.beyond-eocenter.eu/floodHub


Contact Information: Haris Kontoes ([email protected])

SMURBS cities: Athens (Greece)


Involved Partner(s): NOA (GR)
EO Platform(s) utilized:  Copernicus  COs  In Situ  Mobile app  Models  Satellites
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