1,000,000 inhabitants
surface area: 1,000 km2

Second largest city of Gothenburg & one of the largest ports in the Nordic countries.

Climate: cool summers & relatively mild winters (maritime)


Which pressures?

Air Quality



Environmental pressures targeted by SMURBS

 Air Quality: Due to constant development at major construction sites in Gothenburg, emissions vary greatly both temporally and spatially, and information from a sole fixed monitoring station is not likely to be representative of pollutant concentrations from that construction site. An extended monitoring network is needed to describe the air quality around such a site and to ensure that unhealthy pollutant levels are not exceeded.



The implementation of smart urban solutions

 Air Quality:

To address the pressure of air pollution, and related health consequences, an Innovative Observational Platform has been created for Gothenburg, called the LoV-IoT innovation project. While there is a water aspect to the platform, the air quality portion utilizes a low-cost, flexible platform for monitoring, data quality control and standardization, and communication of urban air quality to the public. The aim is to provide high quality, high-resolution, real-time air pollution data that can be adapted for a variety of needs in different European cities.

The platform enables the extension of the network for air and water monitoring stations around major infrastructure projects in Gothenburg. The intention is to develop a real-time alert system, which detects when pollution concentrations rise at an affected site and immediately activates emission reduction measures, such as reduced vehicle speeds, water spraying, covering loads, etc.



Partners involved in the design and implementation of the solutions

Stakeholders involved: 

Swedish Transport Administration

Gothenburg City environmental administration

Centro Mario Molina in Santiago, Chile

General public