Urban Air Quality Health Risk Index (AQHI)

Urban Air Quality Health Risk Index (AQHI)

A web platform and smartphone app delivering GIS maps on the current situation and 4 day forecasts for the AQHI. The health Air Quality Index is based on health risks associated with exposure to PM10, NOx, O3 and pollen.

The platform, which at its core contains the Airviro AIRCAST system, utilizes the CAMS regional ensemble forecast for non-local sources, detailed local emission data and air quality dispersion modeling to provide concentrations and AQHI with 100×100 m resolution and concentrations of PM10 and NO2 along streets in the city. Users can provide their own diagnoses on AQ impact on their health status.

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EO Platform(s) Utilized: Models, in situ, smartphone

Theme:    Air Quality

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