SMURBS stakeholder survey completion- 30/4/2018

The SMURBS stakeholder survey is now completed!

The purpose of this survey was to gather the needs and wants of the potential users of the SMURBS portfolio of Smart Urban Solutions for air quality, disasters and city growth and engage them early on. The valuable input contributes to the design and ultimately the creation of more efficient and tailored tools for our cities, integrating two domains: Earth Observation and Smart City.

The participation was great, with 87 stakeholders from more than 30 cities- 17 countries. A thorough analysis of the results is taking place at the moment, so please stay tuned as we will soon disseminate highlighted outcomes.

We are confident for the future of the smart city approaches SMURBS promotes, since 89.6% of the respondents replied that  such approaches will certainly be of great support to tackle major environmental pressures at the urban scale.

We thank all participants for their valuable time to fill in our survey, and contribute with their knowledge and expertise.