SMURBS Online Annual meeting PM3, November 2020

SMURBS annual meeting for 2020 was performed virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost all 19 organizations were represented by more than 40 participants from 11 countries. This year we’ve decided to use four ways to exchange knowledge during this 2-halfday workshop: 1) Short presentations of project progress (including videos), semantics, contribution to GEOSS, EUVs and SDGs and highlighted smart urban solutions, 2) Demonstration of navigation in the new material uploaded at the official SMURBS website, 3) Lively discussions on synergistic scientific papers and 4) Visual collaboration through the digital workspace of Mural.

Although physically distanced, we gained a lot of insights on the current status and remaining steps of our smart urban portfolio composed of more than 40 solutions, and their established or prospective implementation in around 30 cities of the SMURBS smart city network. Our common plans for articles, training, and replication activities were registered, organized, and scheduled so that we proceed more effectively. During this last mile of SMURBS, our partnership feels grateful to ERA-PLANET and ambitious to participate in a sequential project.