SMURBS SMEs engagement workshop, 18 September 2018, Athens, Greece

As part of SMUBS engagement with the EO industry, local meetings/workshops are organized to exchange views on the current capacities/activities of the private sector, in the domain of EO and smart cities and within the fields covered by the project.

The first event was organized in Athens, on 18 September 2018, as a back-to-back meeting during the kick-off of the national funded project EMISSION. The technological solutions promoted by EMISSION (consortium comprised mainly of SMEs) in the field of air quality and their relevance to SMURBS implementation were thoroughly discussed. Collaboration options and multi-level links and complementary activities were inquired and most importantly interoperability aspects were set on the table to enable and facilitate use of common standards (i.e. infrastructure, platforms, telecommunication, indicators) and future merging of capacities and outcomes.