SMURBS Annual Meeting PM1, 9-10 October 2018, Athens, Greece

SMURBS partners met in sunny Athens on 9-10 October 2018 for their annual meeting, in order to record the progress made during its 1st year of implementation and take critical decisions for the design of next steps. This was considered a Milestone Meeting and the fruitful discussions and solid decisions reached the expectations.
During the meeting, the coordinators covered a number of necessary administrative issues and unfolded the major achievements of the 1st year, as well as the scope, methodology and expectations from this milestone meeting. At the core of the meeting discussions, partners decided on precursors of their solutions per SMURBS theme, matched them with existing needs and gaps and explored further synergies. This process gave birth to new ideas as well!!! The second day was devoted on the presentation and discussion of the city dossiers and the match-up with the solutions.