Smart city solutions and projects

Smart city solutions and projects

For the implementation of SMURBS and to inform the SMURBS portfolio of smart urban solutions and pilots planning, an inventory was built of the existing knowledge that is related to smart-city projects, relevant solutions and best practices, current state-of-the-art and specific technological assets and applications that SMURBS partners possess or are involved in.

The inventory was compiled with information from reviewing existing projects and solutions through mapping the SMURBS consortiums own capacities, desktop research and following links to relevant projects and various interactions with stakeholders as well as two targeted online questionnaires to obtain detailed information– all adhering to systematic review principles.


Cities and countries involved in the projects inventoried by SMURBS.

The resulting inventory includes 65 smart-city projects and 23 smart-city solutions. The smart-city projects are either self-identified as such or thematically relevant to SMURBS, and/or using EO platforms. Most projects deal with air quality and utilize in-situ measurements as the main type of observational platform. The smart-city solutions include various available thematic projects and services, mainly from the technological point of view (e.g. mobile applications, toolkits, portals with services of applications using EO platforms). The smart-city solutions tended to include stationary sensor networks, portable or wearable miniature low-cost sensors and the use of smartphone solutions for all sorts of applications.

Click on the diagram below to learn more about the individual smart-city projects and solutions that were inventoried. Click on each SMURBS theme (Air Quality, Natural & Man-made Disasters, and Urban Growth & Management) to see the smart-city projects and solutions per theme, and also click on the overlapping portions of the diagram to see the smart-city aspects that spanned multiple themes.

Venn diagram