Nanjing meets Athens (17 July 2018), the SMURBS smart city network is under construction!

Leading scientists from the University of Nanjing and a group of 20 students, during their tour in European sites and research/academic entities, visited the central premises of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA), at the heart of the city.
Nanjing is a follower city of the SMURBS network, interested in Air Quality research and applied solutions, due to the already established collaboration between the Universities of Nanjing and Helsinki (UHEL), the latter being one of the 19 European SMURBS partners.
During the visit, the Nanjing University scientists and students had the opportunity to get introduced to the SMURBS/ERA-PLANET project, the atmospheric composition monitoring activities of NOA, while they were also offered a guided tour to the Museum of Geoastrophysics, atmospheric aerosol supersite and Dorides telescope, all situated in the central premises of NOA.
There were lively discussions with the students, who expressed a great interest in the forthcoming “smart city” activities of SMURBS. The exchange of interesting scientific views between the experts is the kickoff of a strong collaboration between the two Organizations, through SMURBS.
Thank you for visiting us! It has been a pleasure having you here!