Integrated AQ system

Integrated AQ system

This is an Air Quality observation, visualization and forecast system. The system entails the Helsinki metropolitan area hierarchical air quality observation infrastructure, including 2 supersites, mid-cost air quality and meteorology sensors and high number of low-cost air quality sensors, meteorological data and regional AQ forecasts, all assimilated into the ENFUSER model of FMI.

ENFUSER uses detailed algortihms to estimate the emissions and calculates the transportation of the pollutants, creating a detailed map of air quality index for the whole metropolitan area. In addition to online monitoring and predicting the traditional air quality parameters, the sensors are applied for estimating the atmospheric concentrations of black carbon, sulphuric acid and aerosol lung deposited surface area, based on the proxies developed at the supersites.

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EO Platform(s) Utilized: In situ, Model, Innovative

Theme:    Air Quality

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