The project has 37 final deliverables (plus 22 intermediate) distributed in 7 Work Packages (WP). Following their final approval by the European Commission, public deliverables (in terms of dissemination level) can be found below.

WP1: Project Management

  • D1.1.1 Project Management Plan (M2)
  • D1.1.2 Project Management Plan (M18)
  • D1.2.1 Quality Management Plan (M3)
  • D1.2.2 Quality Management Plan (M19)
  • D1.3.1 Liaison strategy and reporting (M4)
  • D1.3.2 Liaison strategy and reporting (M18)
  • D1.3.3 Liaison strategy and reporting (M34)

WP2: User requirements and gap analysis

  • D2.1.1 User needs report (M8)
  • D2.1.2 User needs report (M24)
  • D2.2 Smart city’s state-of- the-art (M8)
  • D2.3 Policy and legal framework (M8)
  • D2.4 Gap analysis (M12)

WP3: EO based and citizen observatories data collection, processing and analysis

  • D3.1.1 In situ platforms implementation (M13)
  • D3.1.2 In situ platforms implementation (M25)
  • D3.2.1 Satellite data collection and analysis (M13)
  • D3.2.2 Satellite data collection and analysis (M25)
  • D3.3.1 Modeling platforms implementation (M13)
  • D3.3.2 Modeling platforms implementation (M25)
  • D3.4.1 Innovative platforms implementation (M13)
  • D3.4.2 Innovative platforms implementation (M25)
  • D3.5.1 Citizen observatories (COs) implementation (M15)
  • D3.5.2 Citizen observatories (COs) implementation (M27)
  • D3.6 EO-platform synergies (M34)

WP4: Added value products’ specifications and synergistic development

  • D4.1.1 Compilation of “air quality” products (M12)
  • D4.1.2 Compilation of “air quality” products (M27)
  • D4.2.1 Compilation of “disaster” products (M12)
  • D4.2.2 Compilation of “disaster” products (M27)
  • D4.3.1 Compilation of “urban growth” products (M12)
  • D4.3.2 Compilation of “urban growth” products (M27)
  • D4.4.1 Essential variables (EVs) and indicators (M8)
  • D4.4.2 Essential variables (EVs) and indicators (M25)
  • D4.5 Exploitation plan of Copernicus data and services (M12)
  • D4.6 SMURBS Portfolio (M34)

WP5: Smart City pilots and case studies

  • D5.1 Selection and design of pilots (M15)
  • D5.2 Pilots execution WP5 (M34)
  • D5.3 EO in health case studies (M35)
  • D5.4 EO in migration case studies (M35)
  • D5.5 Training materials and replication guidelines (M36)

WP6: ERA-PLANET principles and KETs for interoperability

  • D6.1 Design of the SMURBS data and service infrastructure (M8)
  • D6.2.1 SMURBS infrastructure (M15)
  • D6.2.2 SMURBS infrastructure (M25)
  • D6.2.3 SMURBS infrastructure (M35)
  • D6.3.1 SMURBS infrastructure test report (M16)
  • D6.3.2 SMURBS infrastructure test report (M26)
  • D6.3.3 SMURBS infrastructure test report (M36)
  • D6.4 Semantic resources (M34)
  • D6.5.1 Data management plan (M6)
  • D6.5.2 Data management plan (M24)

WP7: Dissemination, communication and exploitation

  • D7.1.1 Communication & Dissemination Strategy & Action Plan (M3)
  • D7.1.2 Communication & Dissemination Strategy & Action Plan (M15)
  • D7.1.3 Communication & Dissemination Strategy & Action Plan (M32)
  • D7.2 SMURBS Website (M4)
  • D7.3 SMURBS Leaflet and Brochure (M4)
  • D7.4 Press kit (M14)
  • D7.5.1 SMURBS thematic videos (M15)
  • D7.5.2 SMURBS thematic videos (M32)
  • D7.6 Sustainability Plan
  • D7.7 EO4migration
  • D7.8 EO4health