Air quality workshop organized by SRI NASU-SSAU,26 April 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine

The  “Monitoring the quality of air in a smart city: the current state, directions and prospects” workshop,  organized within the ERA-PLANET SMURBS (SMART URBan Solutions for Air Quality, Disaster and City Development) project by SRI NASU-SSAU, took place in Kiev on the 26th of April 2018.
During the presentations and fruitful discussions, issues related to data sources for air quality monitoring (ground sensors and satellite products), devices and air quality control systems were presented, issues of compliance of national observing systems and tools with European standards were discussed.
Air quality monitoring is relying on the networks of in-situ sensor networks, the integration of satellite products, the consideration of regulations on the base of international standards.
The solution for such a wide range of issues requires fruitful cooperation between representatives of science, public bodies (NGOs) and state authorities.