2nd Stakeholder workshop,“Smart City: State and Prospects”, 4 June 2019, Kiev, Ukraine

 As a back-to-back event with the Mid-term meeting of SMURBS held in Kyiv Ukraine on 4 March 2019, SMURBS partner SRI successfully organized the 2nd Stakeholder workshop, titled “Smart City: State and Prospects.” 

More than 50 stakeholders, including 24 representatives from 15 state bodies, public organizations and Institutes of Ukraine, gathered in the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU) to promote the smart city concept in order to address air quality, city planning, energy, green plantation and other timely urban issues. 

The workshop illustrated a variety of ongoing smart projects in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, motivating lively discussions on IoT-based solutions at the service of both scientists and authorities, and in advancing resilient citiesSome of the needs expressed by stakeholders affirmed SMURBS approach and focus on producing tangible outputs. Further, this valuable information provided in the workshop offers the opportunity to further tailor the solutions which will ultimately be implemented in Kyiv, maximizing effectiveness and at the same time complementing the key messages on user needs so far gathered in the frame of the SMURBS project. 

This workshop has really put a stamp in the established cooperation among the Ukrainian authorities and SMURBS